[R] Bold-face axes with Boxplot

From: Jim Brindle <j_brindle_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sun 07 Aug 2005 - 06:39:22 EST

I am wondering if someone could cast some the box plot function. I have been having trouble manipulating boxplot to display the x & y axes in bold. I had the same problem with the x & y labels but managed to get around that with the "mtext" function. The below code is what I have thus far..... boxplot(SV ~ Rater, data=volumes, xlab=NA, ylab=NA, cex=0.75, col="lightblue")

title("Volume versus Rater", cex=1.2, font=2)

mtext(expression(bold(paste("Volume"))), side=2, line=3, cex=1.2)

mtext(expression(bold(paste("Raters"))), side=1, line=3, cex=1.2)

Ideally, I would like to be able to automatically (based on the data in the input file) display in bold the values on the y-axis since I am trying to run this code on several different sets of data. However, if the resolution to this issue requires me to manipulate the code based on the y-values in the each input file that'll work too.

Thank you kindly in advance,
Jim Brindle

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