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From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Sun 07 Aug 2005 - 12:31:41 EST

          I don't know of an existing R function to do this. However, it should not be too hard, especially if I had only one with the numbers you gave. I'd compute the observed chi-square, then construct a series of 4 nested "for" loops to generate all 5969040 = 22!/(15! 0! 3! 4!) possible outcomes that sum to 22, compute the chi-square for each, and count how many have a chi-square at least as extreme as what you observed. If I wanted a general algorithm, that would take more work.

          If you'd like more help than this, PLEASE do read the posting guide! "", show us your code and where you got stuck.

          spencer graves

Christine Adrion wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a question concerning the R-function chisq.test.
> For example, I have some count data which can be categorized as follows
> class1: 15 observations
> class2: 0 observations
> class3: 3 observations
> class4: 4 observations
> I would like to test the hypothesis whether the population probabilities are all equal (=> Test for discrete uniform distribution)
> If you have a small sample size and therefore a sparse (1xr)-table, then assumptions for chisquare-goodness-of-fit test are violated (the numbers expected are less than 5 in more than 75% of the entries.)
> ####### R-Program: Chisquare-Test :#########
> mydata <- c(15,0,3,4)
> chisq.test(mydata, correct=TRUE, rescale.p = TRUE, simulate.p.value = TRUE, B = 2000)
> As you cannot ignore the small sample size, I use 'simulate.p.value' is 'TRUE' and therefore the p-value is computed by Monte Carlo simulation with 'B' replicates.
> But is it also the possible to use an EXACT version of a chisquare goodness-of-fit test without a Monte-Carlo-simulation? How can I calculate this in R?
> Any hint would be appreciated,
> Regards,
> Christine Adrion
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