Re: [R] "best" c++ matrix library?

From: Rafael Laboissiere <>
Date: Thu 01 Sep 2005 - 06:28:29 EST

> I am planning to write some more time-consuming matrix manipulations
> in c++. What is the experience with the existing c++ matrix
> libraries? Do you have some recommendations? Are some libraries more
> compatible with R than the others?

Liboctave is a quite powerful C++ matrix library. It is part of Octave (, but you can write standalone applications with it. Since liboctave links against standard Fortran and C libraries (lapack, odepack, minpack, quadpack, slatec, fftw, etc), you have access to all matrix algorithms of Octave.

Attached below is an example, showing eigenvalue computation (via the lapack routine). Also attached is the compilation command and the output of the program (in my Debian sarge box).

I do not know how liboctave compares with the other libraries as regards speed. As far as I know, there is no efforts for gluing liboctave into R.

Rafael Laboissiere

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