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From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Mon 05 Sep 2005 - 09:48:08 EST

          I haven't seen a reply to your post, and I would like to help you. Unfortunately, I don't see a question in your email. Please tell us why "changing the variable (x-1,ln(x)) didn't get satisfying results", preferably using a toy example that someone else can copy from your email in to R and test a couple if ideas in a matter of seconds. I believe doing that will increase the chances that you will receive a quick and useful reply. (And PLEASE do read the posting guide! "". Many people have found it quite helpful.)

          spencer graves

Naji wrote:

> Hi all
> I've a continuous variable and I want to test (graphically, plotting
> observed and theoretical distr, qqplot) whether it follows some formal
> distribution. (some thing close to Ricci document : Fitting distributions
> with R, Feb05).
> The distribution I want to fit is a truncated Gamma at 1 (the minimal value
> is 1), P(x)=Pgamma(rate,x)/(1-Pgamma(rate,x<1))
> NB : changing the variable (x-1,ln(x)) didn't get satisfying results
> Best
> Naji
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