Re: [R] Are least-squares means useful or appropriate?

From: Felipe <>
Date: Tue 20 Sep 2005 - 18:45:37 EST

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My question was just theoric. I was wondering if someone who were using SAS and R could give me their opinion on the topic. I was trying to use least-squares means for comparison in R, but then I found some indications against them, and I wanted to know if they had good basis (as I told earlier, they were not much detailed). Greetings.


Spencer Graves wrote:
| Estimado Felipe:
| If you provide a very simple example (as suggested in the posting
| guide,, it would allow those of
| use who rarely use SAS to respond. Try to think of the simplest
| possible toy data set and analysis that shows the difference between the
| SAS answer and the answer you get from a certain R function. If you
| post something simple of that nature that someone can copy from your
| email into R and try other things in a minute or two, it will likely
| increase the speed and utility of a reply.
| Buena Suerte,
| spencer graves
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