[R] Error in vector("double", length) : vector size specified is too large....VLDs

From: Tom Colson <tom_colson_at_ncsu.edu>
Date: Fri 16 Sep 2005 - 04:11:23 EST

I have what R seems to consider a very large dataset, a 12MB text file of lat,long,and height values, 130,000 rows to be exact.

Here's what I get:
> data1 <- data.frame(read.table("BE3720078500WC20020828.txt",sep=",",
> raw.data <- as.geodata(data1)
> variog.1.b <- variog(raw.data)
variog: computing omnidirectional variogram Error in vector("double", length) : vector size specified is too large
> round(memory.limit()/1048576.0, 2)
[1] 4000

The "Vector size specified is too large" seems to be a common error, but I haven't seen any workarounds posted...and the help.archive web site seems to be down. I can plot the dataset, do some elementary stats on it...no variogram though.

Any ideas on how to compute variograms on datasets with 100 to 300k points? Thanks

Thomas Colson
North Carolina State University
Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources (919) 673 8023


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