Re: [R] accessing source code in R packages

From: Liaw, Andy <>
Date: Thu 22 Sep 2005 - 11:48:00 EST

R is open source. You can download the source code from CRAN.

If you mean at the R prompt, usually you see the code for a function by typing the name of the function at the R prompt, without parentheses. `Usually' because some methods are delibrately `hidden' from users, and should only be accessed through their generics. There are still ways to get around that.

However, the code you get at the R prompt is not the _source_, as it does not contain any original comments. You need to go to the source I refer to above.


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> Hi,
> I am new the R world and would like to know how can I access
> source codes of
> standard functions in R?
> Thanks,
> Ritesh.
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