Re: [R] Error Message - Error: symbol print-name too long

From: Duncan Temple Lang <>
Date: Tue 27 Sep 2005 - 00:31:08 EST

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You aren't giving us much to go on, so I can only make a very wild guess. Check that your file doesn't have a stray ` character in it.
R will start reading from that point on and try to make this an internal symbol. If it doesn't find the closing ` for too many characters, it gives the error message you see.

I have seen this once before and that is what the cause was - a stray ` put in by hitting the ` key rather than Esc.

Carl Anderson wrote:
> Dear All,
> I write to ask for information regarding the error message:
> Error: symbol print-name too long.
> I am afraid that I can't include any code to help with any further diagnosis
> of the problem as the code is far too long to be of any use, and I have not
> been able to re-create the problem in shorter example codes.
> I have searched the R manual and help pages and found no mention of this
> error message.
> All help appreciated,
> Carl A Anderson.
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