Re: [R] anova on binomial LMER objects

From: Robert Bagchi <>
Date: Wed 28 Sep 2005 - 21:13:56 EST

Hi Patrick

thanks for your advice. I have now tried glmmPQL, and it worked fine - I'm getting consistent results between plots and models fitted by glmmPQL. Plus it allows predict() and resid() which is another advantage over lmer at present.

quick question though: why does one need to use PQL for binomial models? Is there a good reference for this?

A few of my colleagues have also had similar problems, so I'm copying this message on to R-help as it might be useful there.

Many thanks

Patrick A. Jansen wrote:

> Hi dr Bacghi,
> I ran into exactly the same problem with lmer models that had an
> rbind() response variable, as you posted to the R-list.
> The sums of squares produced by anova() seem wrong. They are almost
> identical to the mean squares, and hence F-values approach 1.
> Since you need PQL for binomial models anyway, you might want to use
> GlmmPQL instead. Seems to work fine with anova().
> Best regards,
> Patrick Jansen
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