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From: Tuszynski, Jaroslaw W. <>
Date: Fri 30 Sep 2005 - 01:03:24 EST

See colAUC in caTools (there is a problem with 1.3 version, 1.4 is on the way). See "examples" for other functions calculating AUC. An alternative approach is:

	  x1 = x[y==1]; n1 = length(x1); 
	  x2 = x[y==0]; n2 = length(x2);
	  r = rank(c(x1,x2))  
        auc = (sum(r[1:n1]) - n1*(n1+1)/2) / (n1*n2) 

Which is very fast.


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Subject: [R] Fast AUC computation

I am doing a simulation with a relatively large data set (20,000 observations) for which I want to calculate the area under the Receiver Operator Curve (AUC) for many parameter combinations. I am using the ROC library and the following commands to generate each AUC: = ymis, data = model$fitted.values, rule = #generation of observed ROC object

aucobj=AUC(rocobj) #pulling out just the observed AUC - trapezoidal not integrated  

but they are pretty slow.  

Does anyone know of a faster way to get the AUC?  



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