Re: [R] Display values in piechart/barplot

From: Marc Schwartz (via MN) <>
Date: Fri 30 Sep 2005 - 03:01:54 EST

On Thu, 2005-09-29 at 14:34 +0200, Volker Rehbock wrote:
> Is it possible to automatically display the underlying values of a
> piechart/barplot in the graphic? If so, which package/function/argument do I
> need for it?
> Thanks,
> Volker

Using pie charts are not a particularly good way of displaying data, even though the pie() function is available in R. See ?pie for more information on this.

For barplots, the following provide two approaches:

# Place the bar values above the bars
# Note that I set 'ylim' to make room for 
# the text labels above the bars

vals <- 1:5
names(vals) <- LETTERS[1:5]
mp <- barplot(vals, ylim = c(0, 6))
text(mp, vals, labels = vals, pos = 3)

# Place the bar values below the x axis

vals <- 1:5
names(vals) <- LETTERS[1:5]
mp <- barplot(vals)
mtext(side = 1, at = mp, text = vals, line = 3)

Note that barplot() returns the bar midpoints, so you can use these values for annotation placement.

See ?barplot, ?text and ?mtext for more information.

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