Re: [R] R and Data Storage

From: Tobias Verbeke <>
Date: Sat 01 Oct 2005 - 18:36:56 EST wrote:

>Where I work a lot of people end up using Excel spreadsheets for storing
>data. This has limitations and maybe some less than obvious problems. I'd
>like to recommend a uniform way for storing and archiving data collected
>in the department. Most of the data could be stored in simple csv type
>files but it would be nice to have something that stores more information
>about the variables and units. netcdf seems like overkill (and not easy
>for casual users). Same for postgres and mysql databases. Could someone
>recommend some system for storing relatively small data sets (50-100
>variables, <1000 records) that would be reliable, safe, and easy for
>people to view and edit their data that works nicely with R and is open
>source? Am I asking for the moon?
Would the StatDataML format meet your needs ? It is open, XML-based, stores variable
types and works nicely with R (as R wizards designed StatDataML and the corresponding R package).

See or

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