Re: [R] Local install of a contributed package under Linux (was: R-code for binormla distribution)

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Mon 03 Oct 2005 - 10:28:59 EST

          There probably is a way under Linux to install a contributed package in your local directory. I don't know how, but if you read the documentation on "download.packages" and "install.packages", you might be able to do it without bothering your Info Tech department. I know there is a way, and with luck someone who knows will respond to this email. If you try something with "download.packages" and "install.packages", and you can't make it work, please tell us what you try and what doesn't work. Maybe someone who uses R on Linux will respond. If not, ask your Info Tech department.

          Spencer Graves

Nabil Channouf wrote:

 > Mr Graves,
 > we are working with linux and it is so complicated to install any thing,
 > it should be via the informaticians of the department and we have to
 > make a request and wait. I will ask them to do it on monday.
 > Thank you so much

Spencer Graves wrote:

> Why do you say "we do not have the package that contains pmvnorm"?
> It is in library(mvtnorm), which you can get via CRAN (the Comprehensive
> R Archive Network). If you are using Windows or a standard Linux of
> MacOS, "install.packages('mvtnorm')" should install it on your computer
> (unless you are using a computer with special protection that makes this
> difficult; if you are using XEmacs, you should exit R under XEmacs and
> run "install.packages" from Rgui). Then "library('mvtnorm')" should
> make it available to your R session. If you are using some other
> operating system, you may need to access the source, but that's
> available via CRAN alse.
> If you have not tried "install.packages", please do so. If you
> have tried "install.packages" and can't make it work, please describe
> your operating system, etc., as explained in the posting guide!
> "".
> spencer graves
> Nabil Channouf wrote:
> > Dear Mr. Graves,
> > i'm trying to write my own function with R, because we do not have the
> > package that contains pmvnorm and i need to compute the upper quadrant
> > area of the bivariate standard normal, or at least to know the details
> > of the function pmvnorm written in Splus or in R.
> > Thanks
> Spencer Graves wrote:

>>       What are you trying to do that requires binormal probabilities 
>> other than pmvnorm?
>>       spencer graves
>> Nabil Channouf wrote:
>>> Dear users,
>>> does any one have a code (S or R) to compute the binormal 
>>> distribution (or the upper its quadrant area) other than the pmvnorm.
>>> Thanks

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