Re: [R] Local install of a contributed package under Linux

From: Martin Maechler <>
Date: Mon 03 Oct 2005 - 17:49:38 EST

>>>>> "Jon" == Jonathan Baron <>
>>>>> on Sun, 2 Oct 2005 21:00:41 -0400 writes:

    Jon> Try
    Jon> R CMD INSTALL -l lib pkgs

    Jon> The help file is in the utils package. I'm sure this is     Jon> documented in the manual too.

yes, and yes.

The other thing people like the original poster often "forget" is to subsequently *use* the local library {remember: a library is directory (aka "folder") of installed packages}:

Either use

       library("mvtnorm", lib.loc = <>)

every time you use the locally installed package, or rather add the local library to the libraries that are always searched through. There are several ways to do so in unix-alikes: - Setting R_LIBS in (one of) the Renviron files; - Calling .libPaths() in (one of) your Rprofile (files) or in   other startup code
- <<more ways, but these are less recommended>>

Read ?Startup , ?.libPaths (and ?library) for more info.

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