Re: [R] Getting eps into Word documents.

From: Dieter Menne <>
Date: Tue 04 Oct 2005 - 16:28:45 EST

 <Ted.Harding <at>> writes:

> Another option to consider, since she's doing her R work on Linux,
> is that recent versions of the ImageMagick program 'convert' have
> the capability to convert EPS into WMF (Windows Metafile; use
> file extension ".wmf" for 'convert') or EMF (Enhanced Metafile);
> use file extension ".emf". The gubbins is built in to a file
> "" in the lib/ImageMagick tree.
> Likewise, the program 'pstoedit' can do it (to ".wmf" or ".emf"),
> using library /usr/local/lib/pstoedit/ (on my machine).

I am using pstoedit for ps/emf for all my work, and it works nicely. There is one catch, though: If you plot any data that should be clipped (e.g. when setting xlim/ylim), pictures are nice in ps, but the clipped points turn up again in emf. This can make for nasty effect in panel plots where suddenly data turn up again in the wrong panel.

According to the author of pstoedit, this is a feature (i.e. bug) in emf that cannot easily be corrected. Only workaround: clip data sets manually.

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