Re: [R] heatmap

From: Jim Lemon <>
Date: Wed 05 Oct 2005 - 04:45:46 EST

Andrea Zangrando wrote:
> Hi,
> i created a graph with heatmap(sma) function:
> heatmap(dataHeat(x))
> and I wish to change the gradation of colors from blue to red, how could
> i do?
> Using "heatmap(dataHeat(x), col=c(2,4))" i will use only 2 colors
> without gradation.
The color.gradient function in the plotrix package returns a sequence of interpolated colors between any two starting colors or incomplete sequences of primaries.

I noticed that a function named ramp (in the base package?) was mentioned, but I could not find it. If there is a function equivalent to color.gradient, I would like to know about it, as I try to avoid duplicating functions.

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