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From: Petr Pikal <>
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Try to find some textbook about statistics. You can get many explanations just by finding "boxplot" by e.g. Google and reading whot you found.

And of course you can get some information from help pages you mentioned.

coef: this determines how far the plot "whiskers" extend out from

          the box.  If 'coef' is positive, the whiskers extend to the
          most extreme data point which is no more than 'coef' times
          the length of the box away from the box. A value of zero
          causes the whiskers to extend to the data extremes (and no
          outliers be returned).


On 4 Oct 2005 at 11:24, Karin Lagesen wrote:

From:           	Karin Lagesen <>
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Subject:        	[R] boxplot statistics

> I have read and reread the boxplot and the boxplot stats page, and I
> still cannot understand how and what boxplot shows. I realize that
> this might be due to me not knowing enough statistics, but anyway...
> First, how does boxplot determine the size of the box? And is the line
> inside the box the mean or the median (or something completely
> different?) And how does it determine how long out the whiskers should
> go?
> Also, the boxplot.stats page talks about "hinges", what are those?
> "The two "hinges" are versions of the first and third quartile, i.e.,
> close to 'quantile(x, c(1,3)/4)'."
> Thankyou very much.
> Karin
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