Re: [R] sampling vectors

From: Ravi Varadhan <>
Date: Tue 04 Oct 2005 - 21:09:14 EST

I mean to say: check out "rmultinom" function  

? rmultinom  

For example,  


will give you 10 vectors (arranged as columns of a matrix), each of length 5, sampled from 1:50 and adding up to 50. You can adjust the weights "prob" to draw according to your needs.  

Hope this is helpful,

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Your problem is nothing but that of drawing a random sample from a multinomial distribution. Check out the "Multinomial" function.



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Subject: Re: [R] sampling vectors

Eric Pante a écrit :

> Hello Listers,
> I am trying to sample a vector to create a new one of sample length,
> witha sum equal to the sum of the initial vector:
> initial = 10, 30, 10 (sum=50)
> sample example = 5, 35, 10 (sum=50) or 25, 15, 10 (sum=50), etc ...
> My problem is to control the sum, so it stays constant.

f0 = function()
s1 = 50;
for (i in 0:s1)

        s2 = s1 - i;
        for (j in 0:s2)
                s3 = s2 - j;
                print (c(i,j,s3));


(If I have well understood the question) ? hih
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