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From: Fernando Espíndola <fernando.espindola_at_ifop.cl>
Date: Fri 07 Oct 2005 - 01:29:00 EST

Hi all user R,

My simple question is...I have a vector of names of predictors,

text<-c("datem","cola","eslom")...I try to plot the model with this predictor in sequence loop...., for(i in 1:3){
plot(preplot.gam(mod9)[[i]],se=T,rug=F,main="",xaxt="n",ylab="",xlab="") axis(1,as.numeric(text[i]),as.character(text[i]),cex.axis=.9) dev.off()

But the line with function axis get error

Error in axis(side, at, labels, tick, line, pos, outer, font, vfont, lty, :

        no locations are finite

I put in shell text[i] give "datem", I try to erase the "", can not search what is the function to erase this character (""). Samebody can help me to erase "", when put the predictor without "", datem, there not problem....

Thank for all

Fernando Espindola R.
Division Investigacion Pesquera
Instituto de Fomento Pesquero
Blanco 839
Valparaiso - CHILE

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