Re: [R] Text in Boxes?

From: Jim Lemon <>
Date: Sat 08 Oct 2005 - 08:50:23 EST

David Reitter wrote:
> It's probably a beginner's question:
> How do I show text in boxes?
> That is, can I specify a background color for text output with text() ?
> The following doesn't work as I would expect:
> text(labels="123", 50, 0.5, bg="green")
> I've experimented with legend(),which will make the box too wide, and
> also with rect(), which doesn't know the extent of the text shown.
> The concrete application for this is are multiple time series shown
> in different colors, and I'd like to show the boxed text (with the
> appropriate colors) right next to (the maximum of) each time series
> in the diagram. Color text is hard to read, so I'd like nice colored
> boxes around black text.
Have a look at the plotrix package, particularly "textbox" and "boxed.labels". I would like to know if there are any enhancements you could suggest, as I am close to uploading the next version.

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