[R] R version 2.01.1, Crimson Editor and the "one" from nowhere

From: Olivier ETERRADOSSI <olivier.eterradossi_at_ema.fr>
Date: Fri 07 Oct 2005 - 23:21:23 EST

Dear List....
sorry to bother you R-gurus with such an "unstatistical" question... but I face a problem using Crimson Editor with R 2.01.1 that I never had using R 2.00.1.
I already posted on the Crimson Editor forum but it seems to be VERY few R-users there....

I successfully used R v2.00.1until now (under Windows XP professionnal, version 2002, Service Pack 2, P4 processor CPU 1.8 GHz), together with Crimson Editor.
This editor is "linked" to R using three files (TpR.exe, R.SPC and R.KEYS). I recently upgraded to R 2.01.1.
I kept using my old TpR.exe, R.SPC and R.KEYS, because I did not find any new files on the Crimson Editor "Release" web page. When I now launch a script, instead of getting my old, well known prompt :
> source("C:/Program Files/R/fooscript.txt")
I get :
> 1source("C:/Program Files/R/fooscript.txt")
with a "1" in front of the line.... and of course R greets me with a "syntax error" message.
Then I have to remove the "1" by hand (pretty prehistoric, ...and does not work if my script is meant to launch other scripts during the night....)
I cannot figure where this "1" comes from !! Did some of you already encountered this problem, and how did you get rid of it ?
Thanks a lot, have a nice week-end. Olivier

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