Re: [R] Text in Boxes?

From: David Reitter <>
Date: Sat 08 Oct 2005 - 00:22:17 EST

On 7 Oct 2005, at 23:50, Jim Lemon wrote:


> Have a look at the plotrix package, particularly "textbox" and
> "boxed.labels". I would like to know if there are any enhancements
> you could suggest, as I am close to uploading the next version.

Great, that's what I needed.

thigmophobe.labels would have been even better, but too bad it doesn't combine with boxed.labels.

Also, for boxed.labels I wonder why the parameter for the color is "col" instead of "bg" - because with "col", I'd like to set the color of the text, which I have to do with a par(col= ...) before the call to boxed.labels right now.

For the padding, I suggest extra parameters that allow padding independent of the width/height of the box to allow for a constant padding of, say, 2pt.

Thanks also to Jari Oksanen and Barry Rowlingson for your hints - strwidth is useful! mailing list PLEASE do read the posting guide! Received on Sat Oct 08 00:25:56 2005

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