Re: [R] problem with lapply(x, subset, ...) and variable select argument

From: Thomas Lumley <>
Date: Wed 12 Oct 2005 - 00:31:00 EST

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005, joerg van den hoff wrote:
> many thanks to thomas and gabor for their help. both solutions solve my
> problem perfectly.
> but just as an attempt to improve my understanding of the inner workings of R
> (similar problems are sure to come up ...) two more question:
> 1.
> why does the call of the "[" function (thomas' solution) behave different
> from "subset" in that the look up of the variable "n" works without providing
> lapply with the current environment (which is nice)?

"[" behaves like nearly all functions in R: the value of the argument is passed. subset() does some tricky things to subvert the usual argument passing. Quite a few of the modelling functions do similar tricky things, and they do sometimes get confused when passed as arguments to another function.

> 2.
> using 'subset' in this context becomes more cumbersome, if sapply is used. it
> seems that than I need
> ...
> environment(sapply) <- environment(lapply) <- environment()
> sapply(x, subset, select = n))
> ...
> to get it working (and that means you must know, that sapply uses lapply). or
> can I somehow avoid the additional explicit definition of the
> lapply-environment?

You really don't want to go around playing with environment() on functions. That way lies madness. Use subset at the command line and [ or [[ in programming. I don't think I have ever set environment() on a function (only on formulas).

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