Re: [R] Sweave and Rnews

From: Paul Murrell <>
Date: Wed 12 Oct 2005 - 09:30:09 EST


Stéphane Dray wrote:
> Hello list,
> I am writing a paper for Rnews. I use Sweave to do it. I did not find
> information about writing a paper for Rnews using Sweave and have some
> questions:
> - Is there a problem to use the environment 'Sinput' in the place of
> 'example' or 'smallexample'. It works fine but perhaps there are some
> technical/editorial problems ?

Sweave commands/environments are fine thanks. We can handle them without any hassle.

(as member of R News editorial board)

> - I have some long lines of code in schunk. I did not find any way to
> cut them in the Rnw file and they appear out of the column in the dvi
> file. The only solution I found is to cut these lines in the tex file
> generated by Sweave. Is there a more elegant and automatic solution to
> this problem?
> Thanks in advance.

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