Re: [R] bug checking

From: Marc Schwartz <>
Date: Wed 12 Oct 2005 - 12:47:22 EST

On Tue, 2005-10-11 at 16:07 -1000, Parlamis Franklin wrote:
> I have observed the following behavior, wondering if it is a bug
> before I submit a report.
> I am using the plot function with call: plot(X, Y,
> col="red", . . . ) where X is an object that inherits from classes
> 'dates' and 'times' (created with the 'dates' function from package
> 'chron') and y is a numeric vector. The color red is applied to the
> area from the first to the last tick mark on the x axis (even if I
> don't set col="red" and only set, say col.main="red").
> If instead of feeding the function X, I feed it unclass(X) or
> as.vector(X) the red color is not applied to the area between the
> first and last ticks on the x axis.
> Is this a bug, or just a consequence of there not being a plot method
> for the class I am trying to feed the function?
> Franklin Parlamis

As per the Posting Guide, it would be immensely helpful in the attempt to help you, if you would provide the exact code you are using and some sample data here, so that we can exactly replicate what you are experiencing.

Lacking that, it would be difficult to assist as we can only guess. It does sound like there is an _appropriate_ change in the plot method behavior as a direct consequence of your modifying the class of the argument(s), which is of course how methods are dispatched. Thus, if I were to guess, this is not a bug.

I would however, certainly recommend that you submit an example here to confirm the behavior, before you post a bug report, as that would avoid a more energetic response.

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