Re: [R] bug checking

From: Parlamis Franklin <>
Date: Wed 12 Oct 2005 - 14:02:09 EST

## Code was long, so I simplified it by creating vectors from scratch so it would run as is. Putative "bug" is still evidenced on the x axis

discount.factors.dates <- seq.dates(from="09/30/2005", to="09/30/2035") rates<-seq(4.4, 5.2, by=0.0025);
plot(discount.factors.dates[1:length(rates)], rates,

      pch=18, las=1, bty="n",
      col="red", col.main="red",
      xlab="Date", ylab="Rate",

## This is the output:

## Hopefully you all see the red x axis.

## I am running R Cocoa GUI 1.1.2 with R 2.1.1 framework on a dual proc 2.7 Ghz Power Mac. A Quartz device is opened when 'plot' is called. X11User and X11SDK are installed on t he computer, as well as xCode 2.1 (in case that's relevant).

On Oct 11, 2005, at 4:47 PM, Marc Schwartz wrote:

> On Tue, 2005-10-11 at 16:07 -1000, Parlamis Franklin wrote:
>> I have observed the following behavior, wondering if it is a bug
>> before I submit a report.
>> I am using the plot function with call: plot(X, Y,
>> col="red", . . . ) where X is an object that inherits from classes
>> 'dates' and 'times' (created with the 'dates' function from package
>> 'chron') and y is a numeric vector. The color red is applied to the
>> area from the first to the last tick mark on the x axis (even if I
>> don't set col="red" and only set, say col.main="red").
>> If instead of feeding the function X, I feed it unclass(X) or
>> as.vector(X) the red color is not applied to the area between the
>> first and last ticks on the x axis.
>> Is this a bug, or just a consequence of there not being a plot method
>> for the class I am trying to feed the function?
>> Franklin Parlamis
> As per the Posting Guide, it would be immensely helpful in the attempt
> to help you, if you would provide the exact code you are using and
> some
> sample data here, so that we can exactly replicate what you are
> experiencing.
> Lacking that, it would be difficult to assist as we can only guess. It
> does sound like there is an _appropriate_ change in the plot method
> behavior as a direct consequence of your modifying the class of the
> argument(s), which is of course how methods are dispatched. Thus, if I
> were to guess, this is not a bug.
> I would however, certainly recommend that you submit an example
> here to
> confirm the behavior, before you post a bug report, as that would
> avoid
> a more energetic response.
> Marc Schwartz
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