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From: Murray Pung <>
Date: Wed 12 Oct 2005 - 17:11:21 EST

I believe if you unsubscribe from the list, but send any questions to the address, that should work, assuming those who respond to you question include your email address as well as the mailing list address in their reply (which I think is usually the case).


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I am just getting started with R and am learning the basics.

I have 'Introductory Statistics with R' by Dalgaard and decided to join this help forum too.

At present, I am receiving approx. 40 posts per day regarding R queries by various list members. Is there any way to turn that feature off such that I only receive responses to my questions?

Once I learn the basics then I will benefit from reading other members questions...but for now it is more confusing for me than helpful.

I appreciate any guidance...



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