[R] Variance explained in regression trees?

From: Alexander J. Pries <apries_at_ufl.edu>
Date: Thu 13 Oct 2005 - 01:01:45 EST

I apologize for what may be novice questions but I am new to program R and need a bit of assistance. I am using R to create regression trees to explain how various environmental predictors influence coastal dune loss as a result of hurricane activity.

First question is as follows; how do I interpret the complexity plots that the rpart package will produce. What do the X and Y axis represent (e.g., X-val relative error and cp). My understanding is that "cp" is similar to a complexity penalty for having a tree with many branches when a simpler one would be just as robust. How can I use the values and error bars to interpret what is the "optimal" sized tree?

My other question is as follows; other statistical packages (I'm thinking specifically of DTREG) that build regression trees are able to produce a model summary that explains initial variance, amount of variance explained by the tree, and unexplained variance. From this information, an estimated R-sqr is calculated that provides some indication of how well the tree "fits."

Does R produce, or have the ability, to produce information like this? If anyone has specifics on how I might be able to evaluate the fit of my regression trees.

Thank you in advance for any helpful guidance!

Alex Pries

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