Re: [R] Any way to add to data frame saved as .rData file?

From: Ken Termiso <>
Date: Fri 14 Oct 2005 - 00:14:01 EST

>I'd put the extra columns in their own data frame, and save that to disk
>(use dates/times/process ids or some other unique identifier in the
>filenames to distinguish them). When you need access to a mixture of
>columns, load (or source, depending how you did the save) the columns you
>need, and cbind them together into one big data frame.
>If you are concerned about memory requirements when producing the pieces,
>watch out that you don't write out so much data that you'll never have
>enough memory to load all you need at once.
>Duncan Murdoch

hmm...maybe i should just be dumping to a text file instead of a data there any way (without using a real SQL database) in R to create a file that i can selectively load certain columns from?

if not, maybe i should break the data frame up into pieces (as you suggested) and create a separate file that keeps track of which columns are stored in which files (like a hashtable) and just load the small file of keys each time i need to load something..

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