Re: [R] shell scripts in R

From: Yves Magliulo <>
Date: Sat 15 Oct 2005 - 01:33:40 EST

Le ven 14/10/2005 à 00:39, Benedict P. Barszcz a écrit :

> Dnia piątek, 14 października 2005 00:13, Sundar Dorai-Raj napisał:
> > Don't you mean system("ls")? See ?system.
> >
> > Arguments:
> >
> > command: the system command to be invoked, as a string.
> This is the kind of obstacles a newbie has to overcome.
> Whoeve is writing the
> documentation for R, please do not attempt to save on bytes. Life would be so

> much more pleasureable.... if only it would say "as a quoted string". Jee.

obviously, you're a newbie in informatic. In most of informatic language, you use quoted string to distinguish it from variable of your environnement. if not quoted, string is interpreted like a variable

and you must declared your variable previously, otherwise, you have a message error... like you had.



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