Re: [R] subset selection for glm

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Sun 16 Oct 2005 - 03:49:50 EST

On Sat, 15 Oct 2005, Dhiren DSouza wrote:

> I posted a message earlier about subset selection.
> I have a data set with 50 variables x1, x2, .... x50
> x50 is a binary response variable that I would like to predict. Is there a
> library I could use to do an exhaustive search for a subset
> (forward/backward subset selection) of variables to include in the
> regression model. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

?step (as surely would have shown you), and btw, that is not an `exhaustive search' procedure.

Frank Harrell has posted repeatedly on the dangers of unthinking use of such a procedure -- if he does not chime in now, please do look at his posts (and if you have access to it, his book). You have not told us *why* you want to do variable selection (which is a more accurate name for what you are calling `subset' selection), and for most purposes it is not a good idea.

Let me second Roger Bivand's comment earlier today:

> I would, though, appeal to posters to give those who try to reply to
> questions at least a little help, by including an informative signature
> block.

I know that several helpers are quite unlikely to offer help to someone sending an unsigned letter, for that is what not using a real user name and affiliation amounts to. So, PLEASE give your credentials -- this forum is a free (to the recipients) technical support forum, and that is a privilege that should be respected.

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