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From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Mon 17 Oct 2005 - 04:59:39 EST

          Have you tried 'RSiteSearch("repeated measures with random effects")'? I just got 74 hits, some of which might interest you.

          Also, have you reviewed Pinheiro and Bates (2000) Mixed-Effects Models in S and S-Plus (Springer)? This book, the lme function in library(nlme) and the more recent lmer and lme4 / Matrix packages, are to my knowledge the state of the art in this area.

          In addition, have you read the posting guide ( People who follow that guide, I believe, tend to get quicker, more useful replies. In particular, I've looked at your post several times since it appeared and each time decided not to reply, because I didn't have the time I thought it would take to offer a useful reply. If you had included more complete example that I could have copied into R and tried -- possibly with alternatives -- in less than, say, 40 seconds, I might have more useful comments for you and might have replied sooner.

          spencer graves

juli g. pausas wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm interested in analysing a reapeated measure desing where plant
> height (H) was measured 3 times (Time). The experimental design
> include 2 fixed factor (say A and B) in which A is nested in B, and a
> random factor (C, the plot), using the aov().
> So my first idea would be something like:
> aov(H ~ B * A %in% B * Time + Error(id) )
> where id is the factor coded for the repeated subjects.
> But my question is how to include the random factor C ?
> Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
> Juli
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> Juli G. Pausas
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