Re: [R] plot.augPred sorted and labelled according second factor

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Mon 10 Oct 2005 - 11:09:31 EST

Hi, Christoph:

          Have you received a satisfactory reply to this? If no, you might wish to consider the following; with a few more hours, I could probably produce what you seem to be asking. If you try something further, please ping the authors and maintainers for augPred and xyplot (whom I have cc'ed on this).

          From methods(class="augPred"), I learned that there was a nonvisible function "plot.augPred". From getAnywhere("plot.augPred"), I could see the definition of that function. It basically consisted of a call the "xyplot", which I tried to modify to produce what you seemed to be requesting.

          Your request seems reasonably clear and concise, and it should have (I think) a relatively simple solution, but I can't find it at the moment.

	  Good Luck,
	  spencer graves

Christoph Lehmann wrote:

> Hi
> using this code example:
> library(nlme)
> fm1 <- lme(Orthodont, random = ~1)
> plot(augPred(fm1))
> is there any way to have the plots in each cell labelled and ordered
> according to Orthodont$Sex? I.e. in addition to the bar with the label for
> Orthodont$Subject there is another bar labelling the Sex of the subject?
> thanks a lot
> christoph
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