[R] COM objects with early bindings in R

From: Pfaff, Bernhard Dr. <Bernhard_Pfaff_at_fra.invesco.com>
Date: Mon 17 Oct 2005 - 22:58:43 EST

Dear list member,

I am using the packages RDCOMClient and SWinTypeLibs and try to import a COM object (created in Delphi) in R that is of type 'early binding' instead of late 'late binding'. Is there a possibility to do this in R?

Currently, the following returns an error message:

l1 = LoadTypeLib("c:\\Programme\\INVESCO\\QaCalendar\\Calendar.dll") print(getTypeLibTypes(l1))

      IQaCalPeriodicInit            QaCalPeriodic            IQaSeriesInit 

"dispatch" "coclass" "dispatch"
QaSeries _QaSerLib QaSerLib "coclass" "dispatch" "coclass" IQaCalSporadicInit QaCalSporadic _QaCalendarLib
"dispatch" "coclass" "dispatch"
QaCalendarLib QaCalendarIntersectRules QaDistanceRules "coclass" "enum" "enum"
createCOMSClass(l1[["QaSerLib"]], "test") Error in generateOperators(libEntry, className) :

        invalid subscript type

Any help, pointers or a working example is much appreciated.

Best Regards,

platform i386-pc-mingw32

arch     i386           
os       mingw32        
system   i386, mingw32  
major    2              
minor    1.1            
year     2005           
month    06             
day      20             

language R

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