Re: [R] Ways to speed up R code?

From: Thomas Schönhoff <>
Date: Tue 18 Oct 2005 - 20:17:34 EST


2005/10/18, ecoinfo <>:
> Hi R-users:
> Yesterday I ran a R code for 9 hours and it did not show any sign to
> stop. Then I interrupted it and found it had completed 82.5%.
> This morning I decided to wait for another 11 hours to see what will
> happen. Wait a minute, I heard that transforming data.frame to matrix
> will make R code faster. Then I made the modification in my R code.
> Oooh, the new code finished within 30 minutes!!
> Are there any other tips to speed up R program? Or someone could
> indicate me some documents or websites on R code optimization?
> #OS: Win XP, CPU: Pentium IV, 3.20G, Memory: 1G
> #for() loop: 1000*1616*3*41, 3 data.frames (dim = c(1616,5), c(1616),
> c(1616) respectively)

RSiteSearch("speed up R code") gives 346 hits, so this problem has been discussed on this list some time before. Maybe something worth to pay attention to?

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