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 That's most helpful. Thank you very much for your time.    Best regards,
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     On Tue, 18 Oct 2005,      > Hi there,

> I am growing classification trees using the 'tree' p add-on to R.
> I would like to convert the 'R' output to the SAS fo by Salford Systems' commercial CART software in order to interfac e with some
> other software.
> My question is:
> How can I parse the R tree data structure in order t tree
> structure? The 'tree' class has a member '$frame' wh the
> splits at each node, but as far as I can see does no the
> daughter nodes. Is this information accessible throu interface to
> class 'tree' or do I need to dive into the C code?
The daughter nodes of n are 2n and 2n+1. The print method, print.tree, is < parse the tree (and you can see the pattern of the numbers from its result). -- Brian D. Ripley, [1] Professor of Applied Statistics, [2]http :// University of Oxford, Tel: +44 1865 272861 (self) 1 South Parks Road, +44 1865 272866 (PA) Oxford OX1 3TG, UK Fax: +44 1865 272595


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