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From: Brian Haney <nautix_at_u.washington.edu>
Date: Wed 19 Oct 2005 - 09:47:26 EST

If there is a better forum for JGR questions, please redirect me.

Whenever I try to open the help browser in JGR (by clicking on Help -> R Help, or by entering help() or help.start() at the console), it pops open a window complaining that a path was not found and that help will not be available, followed (after ack of the first) by another window that complains along the lines "URL Error: /tmp/Rtmpk7DtNG/.R/doc/html/packages.html (No such file or directory)"

After acknowledgement of the second window a help browser opens but seems to have no content. Searching on the word "list" opens a new tab attached to an empty page.

I expected the help browser to open without complains and offer a series of topics and links by which to peruse the help files.

I am ever so grateful for any insight that may be offered.

Brian Haney, Software Engineer & UNIX Systems Administrator
University of Washington, Dept of Biostatistics

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