[R] Error in opening .RData containing a genefilter object

From: David Ruau <David.Ruau_at_rwth-aachen.de>
Date: Wed 19 Oct 2005 - 22:37:32 EST

I discover that when I save a workspace containing a genefilter (pkg from Bioconductor) object I cannot open no more after. I have to restore the .RData file from a backup to be able to start R again. I didn't upgrade to Version 2.2 but I'm not sure that it will solve the problem.
Did anyone have encounter the same problem? Below is a short r session to reproduce the error: ...
[Previously saved workspace restored]

> library(genefilter)

Loading required package: Biobase
Loading required package: tools
Welcome to Bioconductor

          Vignettes contain introductory material.  To view,
          simply type: openVignette()
          For details on reading vignettes, see
          the openVignette help page.

Loading required package: survival
Loading required package: splines
> f1 <- kOverA(5, 60)
> q()

Save workspace image? [y/n/c]: y
[computer:admin]$ r

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Error in .initContents() : couldn't find function "isGeneric" Error: .onLoad failed in 'loadNamespace' for 'Biobase' Fatal error: unable to restore saved data in .RData


I am working under OS X 10.3.9.


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