Re: [R] how to test poisson distribution

From: Berton Gunter <>
Date: Thu 20 Oct 2005 - 03:18:02 EST

To be pedantic (I'm feeling cranky today):

One can never test "whether the data follow ["data" is plural] a Poisson distribution" -- only whether there is sufficient evidence to cast that assumption into doubt. Perhaps a better shorthand is "whether the data are consistent with Poisonness" . This correctly leaves open the possibility that the data are consistent with lots of other distribution-nesses, too. I welcome alternatives, perhaps privately to reduce the list noise level.

(And,yes, I'm sure that Thomas knows this perfectly well).

I do think that we should be a bit less sloppy about such things even here, lest we continue to promulgate already widespread misunderstandings, even at the cost of slightly increased bandwidth. After all, precision is supposed to be a major concern or ours.

As I've been cranky, others are free to return the favor. Sauce for the goose ...

"The business of the statistician is to catalyze the scientific learning process." - George E. P. Box    

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> Did you notice the PDF on distribution tests using R by Vito Ricci,
> its found at CRAN in the docs contrib section, called "FITTING
> Maybe this could be of some help for you, especially look at page 7
> (poisson dsitribution example).
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