Re: [R] Range plots (lattice or base?)

From: Deepayan Sarkar <>
Date: Thu 20 Oct 2005 - 05:34:02 EST

On 10/19/05, Mike Bock <> wrote:
> I am looking to create what I would call a "simple variation" on the
> boxplot. What I would like to do is to be able to plot the upper and
> lower confidence limits as the "box" and the 10th and 90th percentile as
> the whiskers. What I have done is write the code to create a dataframe,
> the columns of which are the mean, sd, 10th percentile, 90th percentile,
> lower confidence limit of the mean, and upper confidence limit of the
> mean, the rows are the groups. I have exported this to excel and get the
> graph I want by using the stock graphs in excel that plot open, close,
> high and low but I would much prefer to do this in R for reason too
> numerous to enumerate.
> I have looked high and low and even took a brief look at the bwplot code
> in the lattice package. Given my experience level it would take quite a
> while for me to modify the bwplot code to get what I want and create a
> new graph type, assuming I could get it to work at all. Does anyone know
> of an easier way to get what I want, with and example? Lattice, grid,
> base, whatever, I don't especially care what tools I need to use. My
> only constrante is that I feed it the values required as a dataframe
> rather than calculate it on the fly so if we change our minds about UCL
> method or percentiles there is no problem.

Is your UCL method guaranteed to work separately on groups (e.g. if the s.d. is estimated per group) or does it share information across groups (e.g. some sort of pooled estimate of s.d.)? In the former case, you could try writing a replacement for boxplot.stats and use that in panel.bwplot.

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