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From: Vito Ricci <>
Date: Thu 20 Oct 2005 - 20:13:50 EST

Ciao Emanuele,

you could give a look to this contribute on fitting distributions with R, maybe it could be helpful to you:



Emanuele Mazzola wrote

Hello to everybody,

I'd like to submit a problem I'm dealing with, and I can't get an answer to
by myself.
I have to test if my data come from a specific probability distribution, of
which I know the analytic form both of the p.d.f. and the c.d.f.
Namely, it is the hypoexponential distribution, sum of two exponentials with
different parameters.
Is there any way I can manage the task with ks.test? It's not straightforward to compute the inverse of the c.d.f in order to
simulate data from that distribution...

Thank you very much in advance for your kind answers! See you

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