Re: [R] Optim with two constraints

From: Berwin A Turlach <>
Date: Thu 20 Oct 2005 - 21:49:35 EST

>>>>> "AD" == Alexis Diamond <> writes:

    AD> I have a follow-up from Jens's question and Professor Ripley's     AD> response.

    AD> Jens wants to do quadratic optimization with 2 constraints:

>> > > # I need two constraints:
>> > > # 1. each element in par needs to be between 0 and 1
>> > > # 2. sum(par)=1, i.e. the elements in par need to sum to 1

    AD> how does one set both constraints in quadprog, per
    AD> Prof. Ripley's suggestion?  i know how to get quadprog to
    AD> handle the second constraint,

The first is actually not one constraint but 2*k constraints, where k is the number of elements in "par". But there is quite some redundancy in this set of equation. It suffices to constrain each element to be bigger or equal to 0 and that they should sum to 1. If these constraints are fulfilled, then each element must be less or equal to one.

    AD> but not BOTH, since quadprog only takes as inputs the     AD> constraint matrix "A" and constraint vector "b"-- So what stops you from coding the k constraints from 1.) in the form that quadprog requires them? From memory, i.e. untested:

m <- length(par)
Amat <- cbind(rep(1,m), diag(m))
bvec <- c(1,rep(0,m))
meq <- 1

solve.QP(Dmat, dvec, Amat, bvec, meq)

    AD> unlike in "ipop" (kernlab), there is no additional option for     AD> box constraints.
Well, the problems that I had (and still have) usually don't involve box constraints, but I see that other people use them again and again. So probably it would be a good idea to implement them... But, more importantly, would be to implement Powell's modifications of the Goldfarb-Idnani algorithm to make it numerically more robust... Oh, yeah, and a warm start option from a feasible point would be nice too.... Probably all in a future version which should be released sometime before Xmas 20xx. :)

    AD> apologies if i am not seeing something obvious here. Apologies accepted. :)


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