Re: [R] how to set environment variables?

From: Andreas Zankl <>
Date: Fri 21 Oct 2005 - 03:55:52 EST

Renviron is in an odd places on Macs:

As suggested in ?Startup, I added the R_GSCMD variable to instead.

Thanks for your help

>>See the first paragraph of ?Startup.
>If this is literally `Renviron' (not ~/.Renviron or
>see also the Note in that help file.
>>>From: Andreas Zankl
>>>Thanks. Sys.putenv did work, however this has to be set every
>>>time I start R.
>>>gs is on my path and works fine under Unix, but I get the following
>>>error when running bitmap (without setting R_GSCMD first):
>>>/bin/sh: line 1: gs: command not found
>>>I assume the problem is related to the fact that I am using the csh
>>>shell, while the new Mac OS X default shell is now bash. So I guess
>>>my .csh path settings are ignored by R calling bash. I solved the
>>>problem by adding my R_GSCMD settings to the Renviron file
>>>(R_GSCMD=${RGSCMD-'/sw/bin/gs'} in my case). Hope this helps anyone
>>>with the same problem.
>>>Thanks again for your help!
>>>At 12:51 +0100 20.10.2005, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
>>>>On Thu, 20 Oct 2005, Andreas Zankl wrote:
>>>>>The help file of the R bitmap function says that I have to set the
>>>>>environment variable R_GSCMD to the path of my Ghostscript
>>>>Actually, it does not say that. It says you _can_ specify the path
>>>>to your executable (not the installation) that way. It will work
>>>>without doing so if the executable 'gs' (on a Unix-alike) is on your
>>>>path, which it normally is on Unix-alikes.
>>>>>How do I set this variable (either by commandline or in
>>>>> for Mac)? Sorry if this sounds like a very basic question, but
>>>>>I could not find the answer anywhere else.
>>>>?Sys.putenv for how to do it from R."environment
>>>>variable") got me there.
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