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Date: Fri 21 Oct 2005 - 07:43:06 EST

I sent out this message a couple of days ago. Yet received no reply.
There is a possibility that my description is not very clear or example is not highly specific. I am just wondering if anybody could point out (or have seen) a similar function that can do this job for lme model.
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Subject: predictive interval in nlme
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Suppose I have the following data:

y x id
44 0 104
48 58 104
48 55 204
47 105 204
41 275 206
18 67 209

I fit the model


Now I want to make a prediction plot:


Very fine. It gives me the prediction curve based on the model. My further request is to make a confidence bands around the curve. I guess I can derive its mathematical form analytically and implement it myself. But I just hope some experts can point out one simple way in R to avoid my redundant work.


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