[R] combinging "plots"

From: <v.schlecht_at_arcor.de>
Date: Fri 21 Oct 2005 - 19:59:49 EST

If I have one set of points Line 1: {(0,0.87),(0.1,0.88),(0.2,0.89)} and another set of points {(0,0.75),(0.1,0.76),(0.2,0.77)} I can easily produce two separate diagrams:


But what can I do if I want ONE diagram, which contains bots lines so that they can be compared? In other words: How can I put both sets of points as parallel functions together into ONE and the same graph? How could I put any number of sets of points (perhaps y1,y2,...,y8) which belong to the same x into the same graph?

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