Re: [R] read data from pdf file

From: Thomas Schönhoff <>
Date: Sat 22 Oct 2005 - 07:36:03 EST


2005/10/21, Thomas Schönhoff <>:
> Hello again,
> 2005/10/21, Thomas Schönhoff <>:
> > 2005/10/21, Ted Harding <>:
> > > On 21-Oct-05 Marco Venanzi wrote:
> > > > Hi, I'm trying to read data from a PDF file.Is it possible to do it
> > > > with R? Thanks, Marco
> > Hmm, if this doesn't work you should have a look to pdftolpe, which is
> > assumed to convert aribitrary PDF files to some LPE readable format.
> > LPE is a lightweight programmer's editor, that should be able save the
> > converted file into txt format.
> >
> > I never used this myself, though. In case you are running Windows my
> > reply might not be of much help, sorry for that!
> I've to correct myself: its pdftoipe, and ipe (I missed before that is
> was IPE instead of LPE) is a graphical editor for drawing graphs in PS
> and PDF. It can save files in XML but has problems to read in PDF
> created by other programs according to its website:

After looking up I finally found xpdf-utils which might help you to convert PDF to text
At least I was able to convert a PDF file to text by typing:

pdftotext name.pdf

at the command line.

Maybe there will be some drawbacks related to the resulting text format (manual adjustments required), but if there is no other way, you should give it a shot.


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