Re: [R] Male and female symbols?

From: Ted Harding <>
Date: Sun 23 Oct 2005 - 00:58:11 EST

On 22-Oct-05 George W. Gilchrist wrote:
> Does anyone have an idea of how one might plot male and female
> symbols on a graph using R? Thanks!

Groping for an answer to this, I was led to run


and the screen "Special Escape Sequences" showed appropriate symbols at




Maybe you can develop this for your needs.

(However, perhaps if you use these you should maintain a certain distance between the male and female symbols, or you might get a lot of noisy little subscripts ... ).

George's query somewhat leads on to a more general question: Can one define one's own symbols for plotting?

For example -- though I'm not seriously saying I need this -- in a population study of faxes and rabbits surveyed over several years, one might wish to plot the Rabbit population using tiny rabbits as points, and foxes' heads for the Fox population.

(Given the data coordinates, I would have my own ways to do this; but not in R).

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