Re: [R] Candlestick chart? (was: Rmetrics fMultivar how to?)

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Sun 23 Oct 2005 - 02:52:18 EST

          Have you received a reply? I haven't seen one. I thought I had seen something on "candlestick" charts, but I could not find it now. I believe there is a capability like that, but perhaps under a different name. If you would still like help from this group, please submit another post with brief but internally complete example as outlined in the posting guide ( describing what you've tried and how it is inadequate. For example, if you had provided the commands you used to download WIG20.txt, that would have made it easier for me to at least get the same data. I know there are procedures in Rmetrics for downloading data, but I don't remember how to do it just now, and I don't have time at the moment to research that.

	  Good Luck,
	  spencer graves

Benedict P. Barszcz wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
> I am a total beginner at this so please bear with me.
> I downloaded by hand the file WIG20.txt (Warsaw Stock Exchange Index of 20
> most important stocks). The format is this:
> Name,Date,Open,High,Low,Close,Volume
> WIG20,19940414,1000.00,1000.00,1000.00,1000.00,71600.000
> WIG20,19940418,1050.50,1050.50,1050.50,1050.50,99950.000
> WIG20,19940419,1124.90,1124.90,1124.90,1124.90,138059.000
> WIG20,19940421,1304.80,1304.80,1304.80,1304.80,154151.000
> WIG20,19940425,1350.10,1350.10,1350.10,1350.10,228438.000
> WIG20,19940426,1216.20,1216.20,1216.20,1216.20,16618.000
> WIG20,19940428,1096.70,1096.70,1096.70,1096.70,32685.000
> WIG20,19940505,1138.10,1138.10,1138.10,1138.10,113777.000
> WIG20,19940506,1077.60,1077.60,1077.60,1077.60,137910.000
> WIG20,19940509,1035.60,1035.60,1035.60,1035.60,97091.000
> I read the data in with this command:

>>tabelka = read.table("/home/kb2qzv/WIG20.txt",sep=",",header=TRUE)

> And I can see that 'tabelka' has 2840 rows in it which is correct (this many
> sessions since the Exchange started operating).
> Now I would like to utilize some of the functions available from RMetrics and
> see how useful they might be. I can image that one way to know this would be
> to plot a candlestick chart of the wig20 index and below it a TA indicator,
> like one of these:
> macdTA MACD Indicator
> cdsTA MACD Signal Line
> cdoTA MACD Oscillator
> vohlTA High/Low Volatility
> Trouble is there is no easy way (for me as a beginner) to start with.
> Questions:
> A) how to plot a candlestick chart with my data?
> there seems to be no 'type=candlestick' parameter in plot() function.
> B) how to create a second pane where an indicator can be drawn.
> thanks for any answers or tips.
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