[R] GAM and AIC: How can I do??? please

From: Eun A Kim <euna0_at_dreamwiz.com>
Date: Mon 24 Oct 2005 - 11:55:32 EST

   Hello, I'm a Korean researcher who have been started to learn the "R"    package.

   I want to make gam model and AIC value of the model to compare several    models.

   I did the GAM model, but there were error for AIC.

   SO, how can I do? pleas help me!!!

   I did like below;

> a.fit <- gam(pi~ s(t1r), family = gaussian(link="log"))
> summary(a.fit)

   Family: gaussian
   Link function: log

   pi ~ s(t1r)

   Parametric coefficients:

              Estimate  std. err.    t ratio    Pr(>|t|)
   constant   0.093105   0.005238      17.77    < 2.22e-16

   Approximate significance of smooth terms:
                 edf       chi.sq     p-value
   s(t1r)      1.833       24.153     0.00014213

   R-sq.(adj) = 0.435 Deviance explained = 47.1%    GCV score = 0.0010938 Scale est. = 0.00099053 n = 30

> AIC(a.fit)

   Error in logLik(object) : no applicable method for "logLik"

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