Re: [R] Male and female symbols?

From: Barry Rowlingson <>
Date: Mon 24 Oct 2005 - 19:04:45 EST

(Ted Harding) wrote:

> For example -- though I'm not seriously saying I need this --
> in a population study of faxes and rabbits surveyed over several
> years, one might wish to plot the Rabbit population using tiny
> rabbits as points, and foxes' heads for the Fox population.

  I cant help thinking now of the graphic shown on the 'Brass Eye' comedy show on Animal Cruelty. Cue totally over-the-top 3d zooming barchart with mad lighting effects, and voice-over:

'If you plot "number of animals abused" against "what makes people cruel" versus "intelligence of either party", the pattern is so unreadable you might as well draw in a chain of fox heads on sticks. And if you do that, an interesting thing happens: the word "cruel" starts flashing.'

  But seriously: you could load in an image with the pixmap package and plot with that:

x <- read.pnm(system.file("pictures/logo.ppm", package="pixmap")[1]) plot(1:10,type='n')
for(i in 1:10){addlogo(x,px=c(i-.2,i+.2),py=c(i-.2,i+.2))}

 From there to a chain of fox heads on sticks is a small step.

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